LCA is all about combining Christianity with the outdoors. We live in a beautiful country where we are blessed with many activities where we come in contact with God’s creation. Through different types of contributions, we would like to provide food and necessities to needy people and organizations. We focus mainly on children from financial disadvantaged and abusive families. Through camps and mentor programs we try to have a positive impact on their lives. We work mostly through the principal of networking. We continually link people that have certain skills and gifts with people that are in need of that particular gift or skill.
Reflecting on the years I have learned that God speaks to me through ideas and my emotions. Accepting both is very difficult. As a human I would like to take the credit for the ideas. I have accepted that emotion will sometimes get the better of me, and I some times wonder what people think? LCA is a God given idea for which I was made for. All the glory should go to Him. I would have liked to registered LCA as an NGO, but it is yet to happen. A friend once said that the biggest problem with NGO’s today was that they become legal entities. I hope that what we have done over the past years will serve as proof that what we set out to do all those years ago, is still the main focus today. I have come to understand that I chose to live a very selfcentre life for very long, with my main focus in life being me and my family. Through LCA I was introduced to a world I conveniently chose to ignore. Thank God for this idea. It has changed my outlook on live, on South Africa; it changed my ambition.
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